Richard Clark User Experience Designer, Manchester, UK

Rich Clark

Hello. I'm Rich. I make websites and other such digital bits & pieces. I tend not to do it all myself though, so mainly I concentrate on user research, information architecture, user experience design, visual design and front-end development.

Skills & Experience

I'm currently Head of Interactive for digital agency KMP Digitata based near Manchester. Before that I was a lead front-end developer working in the UK and Australia. For a full breakdown of my employment history, see my LinkedIn profile.

My role involves leading a team of designers and front-end developers to create, innovative, effective digital solutions for our clients (plus the sometimes necessary evil that is pitching). We then work closely with the technical team to ensure the experience is just as we've envisaged.

Key skills include:


I've worked with numerous brands since starting to design & build stuff for the web in 1998. Some of them (in alphabetical order) are listed below.


Side projects

Because I'm a glutten for punishment, I like to keep myself busy on the side by working on these;

HTML5 Doctor

I'm the editor-in-chief of HTML5 Doctor. Along with six others, I've been writing detailed articles on HTML5 since a meet up in 2009. We have grown to become one of the leading websites related to HTML5 development.

Visit HTML5 Doctor

HTML5 Gallery

Prior to HTML5 Doctor, I started curating HTML5 Gallery. The first showcase of it's kind to feature sites built with HTML5. I now co-curator the site with several other curators who generously donate their time to help.

Visit HTML5 Gallery

Speak the Web

In early 2010, Dan & I put on a series of gig like mini web conferences. Situated in bars in Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Sheffield the nights were extremely successful with all four selling out. Profits were donated to local charities which totalled over £1500.

Recently Dan and Richard ran another series of Speak the Web which I wasn't involved in but there's more to come here.

Visit Speak the Web

Writing & Publications


I'm co-author of Beginning HTML5 and CSS3: The Web Evolved, published by Apress. I wrote five chapters of the book and edited another two. It has been well received and is now on a number of university reading lists.

Visit The Web Evolved


Until May 2013, along with Bruce Lawson, I wrote the HTML5 Gallery column for net magazine. Some of those columns have been turned into larger articles for Creative Bloq.

I've also written several tutorials and features on HTML5 and CSS for net magazine, both the print version and online:


As well as those articles for .net magazine and Creative Bloq, I've written a whole host of articles for one of my side projects, HTML5 Doctor.

In 2012, I was invited by Alex Duloz to be part of the Pastry Box Project. I wrote a thought per month throughout the year which you can read in the archives on the Pastry Box site.


Although it's not something I do very often, I have given several guest lectures at Manchester Metropolitan University and run several HTML5 workshops for Technique Tech Days in Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle.

Camp Digital 2014

For Camp Digital 2014, run by Sigma, I gave a talk about HTML5 APIs and context. It was focussed around how we can use some of the new device APIs to provide a better user experience. You can find my slides on Speakerdeck. I also took part in a panel discussion towards the end of the conference.


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